Lucia Hunziker (born 1981 in Basel) studied in Paris and Zurich and is the typical autodidact. And that's why she's always on the lookout? No. But first (and still today, she says) she had to discover which talents and passions were already there, which are there, deep in her innermost and ready to be intensified. She impressively manifested her inner drive in the illustrated book Basel in Portraits, in which she dealt with the history of photography in a fascinating way. 59 personalities were staged and portrayed, as if they were contemporary witnesses themselves. The Gold Award as Best Fine Art Book at the Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015 was the recognition for a work that was surprised, astonished, amused and always created with the greatest care and respect for the final image.

As a contractor, Lucia Hunziker masters and appreciates the interplay between the client's demands, the creative input she expects and a self-evident, professional reliability.

Photo and Film Production

The division LLH Productions takes care of your photography and film projects and guarantees you a smooth and flawless production.